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A gay sex position where men stick there dicks into each others asses to form a link.
I just chainlinked last night and it felt so good!
by wetanalmonkey October 15, 2015
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The most useless cryptocoin ever created. Only purpose is to check the price of other coins.
I mortgaged my home to go all in Chainlink thinking it was going to 1000$, and now I'm homeless.
by megalodon333 June 13, 2018
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Evolved from off tha hook, then off tha chain, to chain link. Means when something is really awesome, bitchen, or groovy.
"That weed is chain link!" "Her tits are chain link"
by it's me stupid April 27, 2010
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Follow the chainlink to obtain info in addition to that already provided by the frequented site.
by Hercolena Oliver October 27, 2008
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