4 definitions by megalodon333

When you're so stoned you think that fork is deep.
Stoner A: Dude, like ... fork.
Stoner B: Whoa! You like wax philosophical man!
by megalodon333 August 7, 2016
What an idiot says when he thinks he understands something more deeply than you.
"I dun juz undahstan' I ovahstan'!"

"Overstand? Dude, speak English. You're talking gibberish again."
by megalodon333 November 20, 2015
The most useless cryptocoin ever created. Only purpose is to check the price of other coins.
I mortgaged my home to go all in Chainlink thinking it was going to 1000$, and now I'm homeless.
by megalodon333 June 7, 2018
Hi-octane, full caffeinated coffee, as opposed to the decaf variety.
"I'd like regular coffee with cream, thanks"
by megalodon333 February 3, 2018