The effect of one thing happening, only for other things, usually negative, to happen because of it.
Person 1: The baby woke up last night, so I lost sleep, so I was less productive, so I didn't get my project done, so my grade is shit, so I can't go to the concert tonight.
Person 2: Aw shit, you got hit by a Chain Reaction.
by In My Defense... September 28, 2018
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When a girl notices your bling.
She liked my necklace so she started relaxin', now that's what the fk I call a chain reaction
by dbrow May 6, 2007
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when, in the event of basketball, one is crossed over so badly, that it makes the defending team crumble one by one, or in a chain reaction, domino effect.
yO brian, now thats what tha f*** i call a chain reaction.
by Whopper G May 9, 2005
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When three or more Asian drivers rear-end each other in a domino-effect fashion, potentially resulting in multiple accidents, multiple traffic tickets, and a major traffic holdup.
When I was driving home from work and passed by an Asian neighborhood, I got caught in a Chinese chain reaction, and the front and rear chassis of my car got totaled.
by Terminus_Est May 1, 2015
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