1) Pleasure position in which two adult males enjoy simultaneous penetration 2) By placing ones legs over their head, you insert top guys shaft in bottom guys anus, thus inserting bottom guys shaft into top guys anus 3) it is the 69 of buttholes
Hey Joe tonight it’s about both of us, we are dropping anchor on the chain link!

If it’s stuck in the mud, jerk the chain link
by Conrad Liguish June 4, 2019
A sexual act in which three or more males engage in an interlocked sequence of oral sex where each participant is both giving and receiving oral sex simultaneously.
Guy 1: This party is lame. The bitches are all fat. Let's head to my pad and get a 69 on.

Guy 2: Now that is what I am talking about my brother! Let's roll.

Guy 3: Woah dudes, let me get in on that.

Guy 1: Shit yeah! Man we are gonna be some chain linked mother fucka's tonight.
by John Q. Wiggenheimer May 14, 2011
Evolved from off tha hook, then off tha chain, to chain link. Means when something is really awesome, bitchen, or groovy.
"That weed is chain link!" "Her tits are chain link"
by it's me stupid April 27, 2010
A Texas chain link is a line of men, standing naked in a field or gathered anywhere else, side by side, masturbating the man next to him and so on down the line.
I couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I saw a texas chain link outside of the local church.
by Shockaboose July 12, 2017
A new sex position requiring at least three people. But can have as many as you want. The man lies on the floor while a girl is on top of him. Then another guy does the girl from behind. But the fence can go on as long as you have people who want to do it.
Whenever you get bored and have three or more people, do the Chain link fence. It's fun and healthy. But make sure you wear a condom.
by Reilly's a sexy beast. March 30, 2009
A Delicious, Delectable, DELIGHTFUL piece of magical swine, transformed into “Man-Pig Love” strutting’ the fence “chain-link” style. Lovingly hand carved & sculpted by Magical, Melty Matthew.
(...wipe your chin...), and to “one-up thine own self”, your CLC is accompanied by a Sunny Side Up Egg that’s “waffled” itself right on in. Oh Yeah, and obviously served with a side of Grits and a subtle, polite version of a Leatherneck! (Bacardi 151, Louisiana Hot Sauce & a flashy dash of Celery Salt!)
The ability of the individual to “strut the yard with scratch” is based on their ability to hold down the leatherneck after heroically taking down the CHAIN LINK CHOP🥓🐷
Man, I’m Starving!! Gots to get us some Chain Link Chops!

Those Chain Link Chops were off the damn ..chain!