A general term for any erogenous zone on a woman.
That guy can never find my chaga.

Damn, girl, you sure know how to rock that chaga.
by CutieInCT October 7, 2020
An expression of an ecstatic state, filled with complete happiness a Chaga Chaga Chaga is needed to inform others of the comedy taking place.
me:...cause his tits need room.
by Cyco8089 March 14, 2005
busted; extremely bootleg. ugly, messed up, not pleasing to the senses.
dude, did you see sydney's hair? it's totally chaga.

damn, your breath is chaga.
by sydney and taylor July 2, 2008
This is a grim disease like dick ants but even more severe. There is no known cure for this disease!! Don't joke about it.
I've got chagas.
an asian from ramsey
chaga is asian
by jon gersht March 29, 2010
When your horny as fuck and feel throat A chocolate bar.
Him:OMG I’m so chaga right now.

Her: luckily I have a chocolate bar🥵
by Juan Gardio February 4, 2021