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1. A person who takes advantage of other people and is tough about it.
2. In the gay community of Mexico City, a gay guy who is not into gay pop culture and is a rough top.
1. At school, chacales steal other kids' notebooks.
2. Total bottoms love chacales.
by Eziga December 31, 2013
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In the Mexico´s city argot (slang); a bad MOFO , that tries to steal anything he could from relatives and MOFO ¨friends" like him. Cheating everyone
most of them work saling autoparts in the streets , of course they´re stolen. and you could also find them in the most legal jobs the y could find at valets parkings, and as microbus drivers
all the sale, sale ; viene, viene from Mexico city. Some Televisas comedians, Iztapalapa junior drug dealers, Law students from public universities.
Here comes that chacal, look at him, you could identify him also cause his haircut.
by Le Entelekio May 12, 2006
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