When someone is talking complete nonsense and going on and on and on.
What are you chabing on about
by sarah Okarski October 14, 2008
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when somebody rambles on and on aimlessly about absolutey nothing
person 1: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...blaaaahhh...
person 2: ok, ok, i get the point; you're just chabing now!
by The Chabsterr July 28, 2009
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Chabely's are one of a kind. They're beautiful & hilarious to be around. They're always in a good mood & have a big impact on others. They lighten up the mood, if you're in a bad mood they will always make you forget all your worries. They'll stick with you through thick & thin and help you through all the rough paths. Most Chabely's are light eyed petite girls, but they're image goes perfectly with their personality. A Chabely is someone you need in your life, you may only come across one or none but if you do find one keep them close because i promise they're worth holding onto.
Awe look at little chabely!
Chabely you're hilarious.
"Damn shawty what's your name ?" "Chabely"
Only met Chabely a month ago & we're already super close!
by The Baybe June 14, 2013
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chabeli is da best dominican loookin girl
she is so fukin sexy&u will luv ha!!!
DAMN chabeli u look good
I LUV a chabeli
by chabeli May 10, 2005
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What you call a person who acts like a mongoloid (a complete idiot) but whom you also have mutual respect for. It doesn't matter how the person acts, but by calling them a "chabe" you still think they are chill.

Originates from the root words "chode" (a chode) and "abe" (a cool person)
Person 1: Yoooo bro!
Person 2: Sup chabe!
by swaaaagg October 5, 2011
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Some black dude from outta town that will go around with his black friends and just start rolling everyone in sight when confronted he will start swinging like a mad man and usually dislocate a shoulder he will then later be found out and put to jail for his crimes just to be let out early and rinse and repeat the fucking cycle
Woah bro you heard of chabe he’s been stealing everyone’s shit and robbing maccas
by John Forrest December 25, 2019
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Fuck me, did you just see that chabe walking past...wow!
by Chabe_lover April 11, 2011
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