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Chabely's are one of a kind. They're beautiful & hilarious to be around. They're always in a good mood & have a big impact on others. They lighten up the mood, if you're in a bad mood they will always make you forget all your worries. They'll stick with you through thick & thin and help you through all the rough paths. Most Chabely's are light eyed petite girls, but they're image goes perfectly with their personality. A Chabely is someone you need in your life, you may only come across one or none but if you do find one keep them close because i promise they're worth holding onto.
Awe look at little chabely!
Chabely you're hilarious.
"Damn shawty what's your name ?" "Chabely"
Only met Chabely a month ago & we're already super close!
by The Baybe June 13, 2013
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