Hey let's go to cfa!!! I'm really hungry
by Pizzzaaa123(: December 13, 2017
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Rob, Intern and a CFA Level I Candidate: Did you hear Tim passed the CFA Level III exam? He is close to becoming a Certified Financial Analyst.
Daniel, Senior Associate: It's Chartered Financial Analyst dumb-fuck. Now go get me some JUUL pods, and I swear to God if you buy Creme Brulee, I will make sure that you never have a job in New York ever again.
by ShortVIX August 10, 2018
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CFA stands for "Comes From Away". It is another way of calling someone a foreigner. Term is mainly used to not come off as a racist or neophobe.
Guy 1: Damn rich CFAs buy up all the beech property, live here for 2 months out of the year and then tell us how the whole town should run.

Guy 2: Yahh damn foreigners!!

Guy 1: *gasp*
by NoHeart July 12, 2009
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(noun) a cry for attention. one who does anything just to get some publicity
Anthony is such a CFA. He'll do anything just to get noticed.
by Quinn McNamara August 5, 2008
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Come From Away.Someone that is not from Newfoundland,Canada.
George Street is full of CFAs this evening.
by Goofy Newfie August 15, 2018
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a graffiti krew from watsonville california originaly started by hype
cfa krew is a mad graffiti krew
by orme February 26, 2008
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The CFA-44 Nosferatu is an extraordinarily powerful fighter aircraft designed by the Federal Republic of Estovakia, then later used by Ilya Pasternak in a skirmish against Garuda Team, resulting in Ilya being shot down by Talisman.

Notable for it's exclusive Special Weapons, such as:

ADMM: All-Direction Multi-Purpose Missiles. Can lock onto 12 independent targets, and is incredibly powerful. Creates a lingering explosion much like Nimbus Cruise Missiles used by the P-1112 Aigaion.

"Missiles approaching at high speed! Multiple missiles approaching! Evade!" - AWACS Ghost Eye during Pasternak's skirmish with Garuda Team"

EML: Electromagnetic Launcher. An easy-to-aim miniaturized railgun with an extraordinarily long range and powerful detonation.
"Unknown aircraft approaching... It's a fighter(CFA-44 Nosferatu)! A fast one!" - AWACS Ghost Eye
by Gamer Gek December 6, 2018
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