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an amazing girl who is extremly cute,
Cerri likes kisses, cuddles and to be tickled, she truly is an amazing girl
by mrdannay September 14, 2008
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a cute girl with a big booty, petite tits and some sexy figure , usually long brown hair and big eyes and the most amazing personality. These types of girls are the best, be honest with them and they'll help you, they have really good advice, give amazing hugs and will literally KILL people who've hurt the people they care for the most . Feeling sad? Just hit up a Cerris and you'll be much happier. If you're trying to get with a Cerris, just know they CRAVE emotional support, they just don't like showing it. A Cerris is bound to have the most broken heart, most depressed, lonely and sad mind. They just don't show it.
boy 1: Oh lord, you seen that Cerris yet?
boy 2: Not yet, she's meant to be in front of me in maths next period
boy 1: You a lucky one
by sexychxrli November 16, 2018
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