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A small, sweet, lovable person. Everyone looks at her, and loves her. Yet, she is obtainable by no one. Many believe that she may be a vampire dinosaur, but she is, in fact, a bampire dinosaur (There is a difference). She is absolute perfection in the eyes of many, while others flee from her in terror. You just have to look past what you see, to notice the beauty that lies beneath.
In some alternate universe, there are Celestasaurus running through my living room.
by Mallos March 15, 2010
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A combination of the name Celeste and a dinosaur. Has a fond taste for kittens. People under this name tend to be a bit cold and heartless.

See Celeste for better definition.
Oh my! That is a gigantic Celestasaurus about to eat us.
by Celestasaurus Enthusiast March 09, 2010
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Celestasaurus is the craziest dinosaur there ever was. A vegetarian by nature but wouldn't hesitate to eat anything if hungry enough. It is a widely held belief that one of the reasons for the mass extinction of dinosaurs is that celestasaurus ate everything and let the other dinosaurs starve. Manipulative in nature and ruthless when need be, celestasaurus was the dinosaur to avoid.
Everything's been eaten. Must've been a celestasaurus.
by Mohamid December 07, 2013
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