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1. Someone famous one finds immensely desirable/attractive/sexy and, if given the chance, would be more than happy to sleep with

2. Someone one has close to no chance with but can't help but like/be attracted to/daydream about/want to bang
1. Rosalie: Name 3 guys you wanna sleep with.

Natalia: Chris Pine, Chace Crawford, Micheal Cera...

Rosalie: Celebrity crushes? For real?

Natalia: ...Yeah...

2. Amanda: God, you're such a dork.

Lori: Say what you will but some day, I'm gonna be Mrs.

Gabe Saporta...

Amanda: ...Dude, that's such a celebrity crush.

Lori: ...What's your point?
by DaisyCera June 16, 2009
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When you have a crush on someone waaaaay more popular than you and you know you got no chance with them. So, it’s called a CELEBRITY CRUSH.
Leah: β€œI have a crush on Joe. It’s a celebrity crush!”
Mia: β€œI feel bad for you, girl.”
by someone-weird October 08, 2018
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A celebrity you find attractive.
Celebrity crushes can be
Casual- you just think he/she is cute
Intense- you love them and would (usually) like to bang
C- I have a celebrity crush on Cole Sprouse. He is hot!
I- I would leave my SO for Cole Sprouse. He is so hot, funny, and talented!
by The Tea Sis July 12, 2018
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