1. Someone famous one finds immensely desirable/attractive/sexy and, if given the chance, would be more than happy to sleep with

2. Someone one has close to no chance with but can't help but like/be attracted to/daydream about/want to bang
1. Rosalie: Name 3 guys you wanna sleep with.

Natalia: Chris Pine, Chace Crawford, Micheal Cera...

Rosalie: Celebrity crushes? For real?

Natalia: ...Yeah...

2. Amanda: God, you're such a dork.

Lori: Say what you will but some day, I'm gonna be Mrs.

Gabe Saporta...

Amanda: ...Dude, that's such a celebrity crush.

Lori: ...What's your point?
by DaisyCera June 16, 2009
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A celebrity you find attractive.
Celebrity crushes can be
Casual- you just think he/she is cute
Intense- you love them and would (usually) like to bang
C- I have a celebrity crush on Cole Sprouse. He is hot!
I- I would leave my SO for Cole Sprouse. He is so hot, funny, and talented!
by The Tea Sis July 13, 2018
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The celebrity you would leave your S.O. for if you were given the chance to hit it.
by Some Totaly Random Guy October 27, 2006
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a person so pretty/handsome that she/he will literally torment your soul especially if its a celebrity crush. Crushes are just a thing made with a good smile, and other attractive traits. These crushes are usually just something that we will hate because we can't be with them just like it CRUSHES your soul but at the same time you would like to be with them. usually a young girl will crush on a celebrity boy or a young boy will crush on Ariana Grande

Celebrity crush (Girl)
Girl celebrity crushes are not common. I will explain why in the next part.

Celebrity crush (Boy)
These celebrity crushes like Seo Tai-ji or Jungkook are amazing. They are more common because there are more boys in the world so more girls will like them.
"Did you listen to Mariah Carey's new album?" "Did you like Ariana Grande's new song?" "Don't crush on Greta Thunberg"
"I loved Seo Tai ji's songs." "Jungkook has good albums" "Justin bieber is so dam annoying"
Celebrity Crushes are SO PAINFUL especially when you know that your parents won't want you to see your dream because the only thing you can do about a celebrity crush is DREAM
by igotitallHANDLED June 8, 2022
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When you have a crush on someone waaaaay more popular than you and you know you got no chance with them. So, it’s called a CELEBRITY CRUSH.
Leah: “I have a crush on Joe. It’s a celebrity crush!”
Mia: “I feel bad for you, girl.”
by someone-weird October 9, 2018
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