A fan but with a twist. It’s on your ceiling.
I hit my dick on a ceiling fan last night and it hurt like hell
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a girl 7/31.

Origin: The string.
not tonight dear, I am a ceiling fan.
by Anonymous October 8, 2003
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1) Wheels for a car that spin, a.k.a SPINNERS
DAmn, he rollin' with ceiling fans.
by Zooech December 31, 2005
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When a man puts his erect penis into a running ceiling fan, making a "Pud pud pud pud" sound.
by Blegh the big Dicker November 11, 2015
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Sexual act wherein male is positioned directly over female with female performing fellatio. As male is about to climax, he pulls out and rapidly flings penis back and forth, smattering female's face with ejaculate, or in this case, cream cheese.
Dude, she took that Philadelphia Ceiling Fan like a champ.
by Mr. Cleo August 26, 2006
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An attempt to hang yourself by a Ceiling fan like a dumbass.
My brother tried to Commit Ceiling fan but it broke the fan and he was grounded.
by Daddy Shrimp Dick January 11, 2021
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A Youtube meme that began on May 1, 2012 when someone made a rather humorous comment on a fake instructional video on how to touch a wall with an apple, saying "The instructions weren't clear enough. I got my dick caught in the ceiling fan." Since then, the comment has gotten 15000+ thumbs up and has been copied ever since by various people posting comments on how-to videos even though it has nothing to do with the videos' content. This meme has grown to be almost as popular as the well-known Arrow in the knee meme.
Youtube Instructional Video: "Today I am gonna show you how properly ask a girl out..."

Commenter: "The instructions weren't clear enough. I got my dick caught in the ceiling fan."
by Terminus_Est July 1, 2013
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