When a man has intercourse with a woman and she grabs the fan and spins around while maintaining intercourse this is called a timbo
I used the ceiling fan for a timbo last night it was great
by Hello my niggars September 9, 2019
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"Ceiling fan" is a nickname that can be used for a gun.

This term was popularized by rapper known as 10kdunkin.

The name most likely comes from because similar to what an actual ceiling fan does; the gun will air a building out.
I got that Glock but I call it a ceiling fan - 10kdunkin
by strappedent October 9, 2021
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Person 1: Bro, a Ceiling Fan is just a giant fidget spinner
Person2: Joe MaMa!
Person1: what?!!?
by shmoopy poopy January 30, 2020
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The one thing that spins so fast I can suffocate myself with carbon monoxide and clear the evidence instantly
by Ur mom bob January 13, 2021
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If you like safe sex but pine for a bit of risk then ceiling fan condom roulette (CFCR) is the post coitus game for you. Jizz like you normally do but instead of flushing your little swimmers down the never cleaned toilet, throw with all your might, the jizz packed condom at the moving ceiling fan above your (and your partners) head. It's going to land somewhere - your face, the closet door or it could just stick to one of the fan blades (rarely happens). Safe sex with a dash of gambling, that's CFCR in a nutshell. Godspeed little minnow.
Ceiling fan condom roulette is defined by throwing a cum filled condom at a ceiling fan after sex.

For example.

After I came, I pulled off the jizz filled rubber and threw it at the ceiling fan. Essentially, Amy and I were playing ceiling fan condom roulette. It stuck to the side of my shitty Wal-Mart bookcase. We safely made it through another round of ceiling fan condom roulette.

For you CFCR newbs, the very definition of risk is playing ceiling fan condom roulette multiple times a night. See how far you can go without someone getting cum in the face (or worse).
by Chris Blackwell the Beast December 27, 2019
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A person who identifies as a ceiling fan and a door.
D:First you were a ceiling fan now you're a door X3

M:Like bro I'm gEnDeRfLuId there for I can be a dOor...I'm bOtH.... A CEILING FAN DOOR
by Bull. T March 25, 2018
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