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Cecilio is everything you never knew you needed. He will surprise you at every turn. He is funny as hell, caring, and has best interest at heart for most. His sense of humor is edgy and very inappropriate with many sexual inuendos. He’s very witty and great for banter. Cecilio is the hardest working man you’ll ever know. Always on time, always show up, and does the work that nobody else wants to do. He has walls, but with the right touch you’ll be rewarded with the greatest prize. You will find a fiercely loyal man who protects those he loves til death. His emotions are deep rooted, and his love once it’s earned is unwavering. He doesn’t see what a great guy he is. He doubts his value, but he is priceless. And let me tell you, the sex is great. The best actually. His in tune emotions seem to come out when he’s inside of you. You’ll be screaming in seconds. You’re the luckiest if you have Cecilio. There aren’t many good guys, but he is definitely one.
Girl 1: “ I need a man to marry.”
Girl 2: “ Good luck with that. Cecilio is taken.”
by PennyCase October 16, 2018
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He is decent loyal man that you will never find these days
You see Cecilio he is s loyal
by sketcherkid4 October 23, 2017
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