1. Usually used when someone annoys you
2. When someone is a big ass slut
1. " I just got a hundred on my math test"
"U Hoe!"

2. "I just did your boyfriend "
"U Hoe!"
by the_wasppppp May 18, 2016
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A conversation between a hair stylist and another lady that ended up as a funny meme💅🏾
Girl: "How much for knee length, medium?"

Me: "$80 hair provided"

Girl: "i got 30."

Me: 30 what

Girl: "$, knotless."

Me: "umm.. i dont do knotless and if i did they wouldn't be $30."

Girl: "well i want knotless."

Me: "okay i dont do knotless. I can refer you to somebody."

Girl: "stop playing on my phone. Are you doing my hair or not."

Me: "okay clearly we aren't on the same page here... I do NOT do knotless, would you like for me to refer you to somebody??"

Girl: "who are you talking to? Very unprofessional smh this what i get for trying to support black people."

Me: "uh okay."

Girl: "well i want knotless. Knotless please.


Girl: "U mad hoe Knotless"
by Alise the alien July 26, 2021
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The ultimate way to get rid of a thot that isn't your waifu. Only the people who have transcended can use this words.
Clara: *acts like a thot towards Rob*
Rob: *opens the door* There u go dumbass hoe.
Clara: *implodes*
by PussyMagnet69Licke4r April 16, 2018
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