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Cecil County is a redneck, white trash, beer guzzling chunk of small town USA. Rising Sun especially is known for their large KKK community, which might explain why there are probably 5 black kids in the entire school. Oddly enough, if you're white, you'll probably try to act "hood", because it's not okay to be black, but it's cool to act like it. Elkton is widely recognized for this, and if you're in the mood for any recreational drug use and/or prostitution, just head on down there... Hunting is also a big past time here, if you're really a cool kid, you might even wear you're camo gear to school. If you have a passion for good ole boy trucks with confederate flags on the back (if you're lucky you can spot one with gun racks too), or just thoroughly enjoy being a hillbilly, Ceciltucky is the place for you. Move here at your own risk, most people who live here never leave & continue to produce such classy offspring for generations to come.
*See's a slovenly fat woman wearing too tight sweat pants and a Kenny Chesney concert t- shirt*

Now there's a Cecil county girl.
by Ceciltuckian January 01, 2011
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A school district that waits until last minute to call a delay or schools off.
Wow Cecil County hasnt closed school yet and it's 6:50 with 10 inches of snow. Oh wait they just did..
by Saggyred March 04, 2015
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The most awesome place to live!! there are a bunch of rednecks and rebel flags, tractor pulls and derbies, a lot of beer drinking parties, bonfires (usually out in the middle of the woods) beer pongs and beer bongs, the cecil county fair is the best week of the year, all cecil countians wait for it all year. there are more trucks then cars, mostly turbo deisels dodge rams cummins, ford power strokes, and chevy duramax. everywhere youlook you can usually find a farm around, and a lot of corn fields. come on down yall :)
are you going to cecil county?
hell yeahhhh hoss
by scbb June 20, 2011
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a county in the state of Maryland that is a breeding ground for retards and racists.
by Ship1ey August 26, 2006
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Home to rednecks, liars, perverts, racists, sexists, gun lovers, hicks and inbreds. One is reminded of the movie "Deliverance" upon visiting this County of bottom feeders. (can also be used as an adjective)
Elwood is so "Cecil County".
by CecilCountySucksAss June 14, 2009
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