An amazing girl who can make anyone laugh even when they are sad. She is a fighter and even though her life isn't ideal, she will keep pushing. A Cecelia is gorgeous and very smart even though it doesn't show as much in school. She has a group of friends she has known forever and will take a bullet for her. She is the type of person who you might not notice right away but as soon as you meet her, you will never forget her. However, she can never see the beautiful side of herself the way others can and if she looks up her name in the urban dictionary, she will probably dismiss this as someone just being nice. But, it is true and a Cecelia is a fabulous person who makes an amazing how friend.
Person 1: Who is that?
Person 2: That's Cecelia. You should meet her- she is super cool
by Dogloverandstuffwhatever February 15, 2016
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Cecelia is honestly the most pretty girl you’ll ever meet she is so funny and always had a good attitude and she js the best girl to ever have you will be lucky if you meet someone like her and she always knows how to keep a relationship she’s the sweetest girl you can ever meet never give up on a girl as amazing as Cecelia hope you meet someone like this
G boy:Wow that girl is amazing !
Toby D: yeah she reminds me of Cecelia!
by Turtle raper March 15, 2018
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She a bad ass motherfucker! She done did handled a bunch of bullshit in her life and she is a survivor. She is one optimistic ass bitch and we all love her cute, adorable, personality. She can make any tough situation better.
by ANTHONYDTFAS October 17, 2018
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An amazing girlfriend and person to be aroound, someone you can trust with everything.
She's definetly a Cecelia.
I really like that Cecelia.
by cj894 January 8, 2012
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A beautiful girl that always has a smile on her and loved life she will always be there for you and can tackle any obstacles that come to her. She is a really good girl friend and will always be loyal.
by Naturegamer October 2, 2017
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She’s a bad bitch. She can beat anyone up and no one will get in her way. She’s smart af and she loves hot cheetos. She’s honestly the funniest person you’ll ever meet and she’s funny without even trying. Everyone loves her
I wish I was Cecelia”
by hahahahacece May 22, 2018
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Cecelia is a short, but amazing girl . She doesn't take shit from anyone and will beat a bitches ass on sight. She's a fighter and even though her life isn't ideal , she is genuinely nice person. A Cecelia is a very smart person even though she might not show it , she also very beautiful . She has a group of friends that she lives very much and will do anything for . She isn't the type of person everyone likes at first glance but when you really get to know her you won't ever forget her . However she can't ever see the beautiful side of herself, she is a truly amazing person .
" Hey who's that "
"Oh that's Cecelia, don't worry she's a nice person"
by Koolkipster79 March 22, 2018
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