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An insult to a female who is Hairy/Ugly
"Annie is ugly and very hairy she is such a cavewoman LAWLZ"
by Rae November 23, 2004
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A Cave Woman is a woman wth large legs. The thighs are wide and rounded in the front and back when you look at them from the side. Her calves are rounded and big .Some times her feet are wide.Usualy this body type has small breasts making her cave woman legs look bigger.Her arms are some times large.
I always see a Cave Woman, she has Big Foots body.I see them in gyms becoming cave women.
by Bandy1972 September 26, 2009
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(noun) -

A woman who has a vagina that is entirely too wide-set or stretched from frequent intercourse. The vagina must be so wide and vacuous that it takes more than twice as long -- as ordinary -- to orgasm.

Etymology: 12th Century Latin:
Cavuus womanai (hollow-woman)
Mike: "Yo, so that girl's vagina was so wide that I managed to squeeze an entire football into it."

T.J.: "Wow, sounds like a real cavewoman."
by Cougar Gallagher July 26, 2011
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