When a person pretends to be your friend by calling you so he/she doesnt have to see you, opposite of lets hang out sometime. Very common between to people who just broke up. Will last until both parties have got the point that in a relationship their cant exist platonic friendship.
lets catch up sometime, il call you; or you can call me.
by sarkosy April 06, 2008
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an outdated saying that nobody really uses anymore, except for the really stiff old people
Jane-lets catch up sometime
John-you mean chill sometime
Jane-no i mean catch up some time
John- lol who says that anymore
by mandatguru April 11, 2013
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To shoot someone with a bullet loaded in the chamber of a gun.
Yo James is trying to fight you.

I ain’t trying to throw hands if he fucks with me he gonna catch the one up top.
by EJontop September 14, 2018
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Term used by graffiti writers that means going out painting or go bombing and putting up their throw up or bubble lettered tag
I see out there catching ups bro goodshit!
by SicVisionz February 02, 2020
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When you are playing a video game and dominating the other team then suddenly the other team starts making a comeback very easily.

Originates from EA Sports where this phenomenon was first noticed.
I was winning 5-0 on Rocket League until the EA Catch-up Rule kicked in and the other team came back to tie in the final minutes.
by JYoTX January 15, 2017
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