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N; a sausage made from cats, deliberately! usually composed of ground common house cat meat (Felis catus), spices and seasonings. the ingredients are stuffed into a casing and may be cured, dried or smoked. cat sausage is usually prepared and consumed out of a general hatred for felines or the lack of availability of other meats. several common types of cat sausage include: linx links, Burmese bratwurst, feline franks, hot cats, Siamese salami and many more.
Hey man didn't your girlfriend used to have a cat?
-Yea, I hated that terrible feline so i made it into cat sausage and served it with peppers and onions.
was it any good?
-actually not bad! i will make it again if she brings home any more cats.
by ASPCA April 07, 2013
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