Basically the penis. A popular slang in Nigeria
'That dude has a huuuge cassava'
by thenaijaflavour January 1, 2018
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African Term Used to Describe an African Penis that is Over 7.5" inches long. The term "Big Cassava" was made popular by the Artist 'Tekno' in the song 'Pana' in 2016
She said she likes cassava I got big cassava.
Katelyn tattooed a map of Africa on her after Ben gave her that revolutionary Cassava.
by mad dog OG December 16, 2016
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"WOW San what is that food your momma just made called" "Cassava Leaf" "mmm DAMN gimmie another plate of that shit"
by livvehuhxo77 September 23, 2011
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I looked inside my grandfather old storage run and saw a cassava piece!
by sevenrising March 17, 2022
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A player favorable of VVVIP's. Big penis for an Asian. Highly sexed and sought after by women globally. Favorite position doggie style but sometimes prefers the receiving end too. Takes it with lube or dry.
A VVVIP booked De Cassava for an orgy party and requested for the premium package, pop-up from a box dressed in leather & pink tassles.
by Jamalhass November 29, 2022
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