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She or he or rather it, is the biggest whore in South Park and when she isn't making a porno film or at a photo shoot for a porno mag she is busy at home cooking for her son Eric. I say it because cartman's "mom" is actually cartman's dad because she or it is a Hermaphradite meening she has both male and female genitals.
Kyle: Oh sick dude it's some German porn site.
Stan: Is it Cartman's mom?
Cartman: (Very Pissed Off) Hey thats not very funny!
Kyle: (In Shock (for some odd reason)) Dude it is Cartman's mom!
Cartman: (Also In Shock)
by Jesus Pimp October 26, 2004
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Cartman's Mom (n): The Skankiest Hoe In South Park.
While Trying To Find His Father, Young Eric Cartman Finds Himself In A Bar And Shortly Later Finds Out That Everyone In The Bar Had Slept With His Mother.
by Amanda June 28, 2004
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Liane Cartman is often referred to as Cartman's Mom, but the identity of Cartman's real mom is unknown. In South park: Episosde 202, "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut", it is revealed that Liane Cartman is actually Eric Cartman's father, which is possible because she is a hermaphrodite, and that another woman gave birth to him. To this day it has not been revealed who the actual mother of Cartman is.
The identity of Cartman's Mom is unknown; the person often referred to as Cartman's Mom is Liane Cartman, a hermaphrodite who is Eric Cartman's biological father.
by Nihilist23 August 31, 2007
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a.) someone who has sex with EVERYONE.

b.) eric cartmans mom from south park
a.) girl: i heard michelle had sex with tom last night!
guy: really?! i heard she did it with amy!
girl2: what a slag, i heard she fucked a plant!
guy: yeah i know, shes such a cartman's mom!
by southparklovah August 04, 2010
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