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Cartia is the sweetest girl you will ever meet she is nice and will also be by you if you see a cartia instantly be her friend
Is that a cartia she’s the sweetest girl in town
by Kool Kiddo May 17, 2019
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Slut, who has a fat ass, fat thighs, no morals, a moustache, needs a shower. She needs 2 wax her legs and 4 gods sake use some facewash.
That crackwhore in the gutter rooting for 5 cents sure is a cartia
by Someone hot February 10, 2005
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a nitty with a small figgy (da ting down below)

trust me. u dont want to interact with cartias because they are horny virgin bois
Alexa: *dances"
Alexa: "ayo wag1 who's Cartia"
Cartia: me
Alexa: Wag1 my g *badalalalalala*
Cartia: what da fork
Class: That's definately a Cartia.
Cartia: me mam callin
by suckmansdick January 13, 2019
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A very inna pro pro boiiiiii who trys to put his dick everywhere cus he is a horny bastared.

Do not trust this hairy big foot man or else u will get ligma, STD and aids and all the bad tings.
He is a big figgy and is despart for a girl
Donate 1p (cuz thats how much he is worth) a week to help this poor short horny man so he can stop being hella deserate for a lady.
He is a fassy n has a haircut that makes him look like mop with its 'hair' tied up
Do not trust this hairy man.

ME:''Do not trust this man, is a big Cartia!''

Random guy:''OMG such a littlefiggy!''

by SuckYeMam'sDIngy January 13, 2019
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