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Private School for grades 1-9 outside Boston catered for students with language based learning disabilities, like Dyslexia.

Founded in 1967, most Carroll students have learning disabilities, predominantly Dyslexia. Don’t get me wrong, it has a great reputation, and many alumni have gone on to be extremely successful. Most of the students that end up at Carroll either had a bad experience with public school. Every student is required to take a retarded class for at least a year called Language Tutoring, which is when study/decode word roots, suffixes, etc… All Carroll classes are smal, with 5-10 students, but the curriculum is quite rigorous, and has received much praise for it. Carroll’s teaching methods are much different, and statistically more effective than public school’s methods. Perhaps the most prominent figure of Carroll, the athletic director, Mike Kmetz, known as “Coach” or “Kmetz” runs the Cross Country, Track, Basketball and Ski teams. Believe it or not, most of Carroll seems like an all boys school. The girls that go here are sadly quite bratty and slutty.

After Carroll, most students will attend prestigious, yet nasty schools like Roxbury Latin, Philips Academy, or Middlesex School
“Hey look it’s that retarded fag that went to Carroll School”

“Dude Carroll just beat Belmont Hill in Basketball!”

“Carroll is school for retarded folks”
by Kyrietheballer11 March 07, 2018
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