She is the sweetest most caring girl in the entire world. Also, not only is she super amazing and smart, she is fun and outgoing. Every boy wants to date her and alot of girls are jealous of her. If you wanted a name to describe perfection, just use the name Caroline!
"Angels should all be named Caroline"
"Boy:Wow did you just see Caroline !?!?! She is looking amazing as always."
by hunkmunk September 14, 2013
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Very beautiful and athletic girl who has a boyfriend who is really in love with her;

she is also in love with him ,

they have been together for a long time and will stay that way
caroline has fun with her boyfriend
by boston mass January 22, 2010
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A beautiful women, with a very outgoing personality and great taste in men. Caroline's usually are preppy and have an interest for sailing. If you have met this very preppy outgoing girl consider yourself lucky.
Look how preppy she is she's a real Caroline
by Alexscott10 January 07, 2015
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A girl who is amazing and funny and sweet and beautiful and cute and smart and amazing
by nicholas2739 April 01, 2015
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a svelte (gracefully slender) hotty. One who is very athletic and strong despite her petite frame. A very motivational person who enjoys yelling into microphones. Sometimes crazy. She also typically is attracted to men of african descent.
"Whoa man did you see that skinny girl doing like 50 pullups nonstop? She must be a Caroline!"
by Jett Leee December 30, 2009
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A name meaning "Strong woman" or "beautiful woman" and sometimes "proud leader", a feminine version of the name Charles.

Quite often shortened to Caz or Caro.

No two Caroline's are the same, the one I know is a complete angel, and another I have heard about is an arrogant and selfish person. Names are just names...

Quite an average one at that.
Man: Good evening madame, what is your name, pretty young lady?

Young lady: My name is Caroline, what's yours?

Man: My name is Raziel.

Caroline: Your name is so cool, no fair!

Raziel: Yes, quite. :)
by Raziel The Winged One September 15, 2009
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