Uber-hottie (even gay men would do her).

Dave Navarro hit that shit.
MTV's ratings went up 4000% when they put that show on with Carmen Electra.
by Davezor January 28, 2004
A hot sexy babe who any red blooded male would want to please. I'd give my life to suck her off and make her cum in my mouth. She is simply the most beautiful and sexy babe in the world.
by RebelINS June 29, 2004
One of America's premier sex models. Went by the name of Tara Leigh Patrick but changed her name to Carmen Electra. Also interested in dancing. Recently married to rockstar Dave Navarro after breaking up with Dennis Rodman. Has done several photoshoots with Playboy and also appeared naked in several movies. Any man would wanna fuck her, hell I do. She has a hairy pussy, not too large but good nice sized breasts and is smart.
That hot ass bitch
go to www.speakcarmenese.com for photos of her nude!
by Carmen Sexy Bitch February 17, 2004
Incredibly sexy woman that literally everyone wants to have sex with. Men all desire her and even most women I've met want to sleep with her. She's rumoured to be amazing fuck and rates herself as 10 out of 10 in bed. Can't act anywhere near as good as she can screw but who cares? She's hot as hell!
That chick was nearly as good a fuck as Carmen Electra
by Gaxe February 26, 2005
Sexiest woman in the whole fucking universe. Perfect face, fantastic bangable body, awesome eyes.... dude this chick could pee all over my chest cause I bet she pees Dom Perignon.
Give me Carmen Electra over Angelina-Overrated-Jolie anyday.
by Chad VanderGriff April 23, 2008
a fine babe who everyone wants 2 have a go with
im so stoked i had a go with carmen electra
by harry August 8, 2004