A person (usually within the family environment) who maintains personal assistance to another who may suffer from, but is not limited to: a physical disability, mental illness, intellectual disability, or drug and/or alcohol dependency. There are no boundaries to the notion of 'caring' in this context as a large number of 'Carers' can be found throughout the globe in many different environments. Caring roles are often demanding and some services exist primarily for Carers, allowing them to 'have a break'. Support for Carers appears to be on the increase however a particular difficulty in the Human Service sector is reaching out to people who are 'unidentified carers'- those who maintain a caring role however are not aware that there is appropriate support available.
John has an acquired brain injury and is unable to perform a lot of daily personal tasks. His wife (Primary Carer) Julie assists him with tasks such as showering, grooming, and mobility.
by shaunoAUS June 9, 2009
An individual who (in the eyes of his / her social peers) actively avoids having an epic night out, thus endangering the social well-being of their peers.
A: Everyone's going out tonight, its going to be a massive session! Do you fancy it?

B: Unfortunately, I have a mild headache. Plus, I have to work late on this project I am overseeing.

A: Mate, You're such a Carer.
by Ledge_1980 October 8, 2014
The opposite of terrorism. {care-er-ism}
Carerism Awareness! If you see something, say something. One such report was lodged after someone was caught trying to smuggle Rolls Royce engine greece onto an airplane so they could help make repairs in the event of a mid-air emergency.
by NEWSnooze November 23, 2010
Ivy is the best person to take care of your pets. She is extremely responsible and trustable.
“Hey, do you know any one who would baby sit my hamster?”
Yah man! I know just the person. Ivy, She the best! She can watch any animals! My turtle is so happy and he loves her! Totally recommend!!”
Ivy the animal take carer best animal baby sitter ever!
by Takumi123 November 12, 2018
A phrase used when wanting to signal to another person you wish to engage in sexual intercourse with them. Popularised after the large number of couples which got together during the ‘Clap for Carers’ campaign during the UK lockdown. Similar to Netflix and chill but with the added thrill of the possibility you all die of covid-19.
Sophie: “Is that your sister that visited?”
Bez: “Nah it’s the new missus
Sophie: “How did you meet?”
Bez: “I asked if she wanted to Clap for Carers and she came in and I gave it to her up the wrongun
Sophie: “Is that why you’re struggling to breathe now?”
Bez: *cough*
by ReferToMedics May 28, 2020