A pint glass filled with red wine.
I totally downed a cardo before I blasted my abs and threw up all over your mom.
by Flexasaurus September 1, 2010
One guy that escaped the brink of death countless of times.

He is believed to be protected by the prayers of Lola Flora..

His family was kidnapped countless of times..

His breakfast are death messages by his enemies..
When the enemy in your game wont die:

Putangina ano ka si cardo dalisay?
by Cardo Dalisay January 18, 2020
immortal ass man in ang probinsyano
bakit hindi pa patay si Cardo Dalisay sa ang probinsyano
by yuhyuhyuhmwa July 27, 2021
A perfect boyfriend that u should totally ask out (he’s a good kisser)
by Cxrdo February 16, 2022