Cardi B Stands for Cardiovascular Bronchitis because her music is a disease.
Wow boy that music has Cardi B.
by Eepoppe June 21, 2019
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An untalented “rapper” who openly admitted to drugging, raping and robbing men. Yet she is still famous and not in jail.
1: “have you heard of the female version of Bill Cosby?”

2: “you mean Cardi B?”

1: “yeah! If she was a man she’d be in jail by now”
by 123abcidontknow November 9, 2019
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It's slang for garbage, terrible music or even trashy and unintelligible people
Wow this song is verry Cardi B

Stop acting like a Cardi B, Karen !
by Rad Salad April 23, 2019
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Cardi B Cardi B - Careless Ass Rude Dumb Ignorent Bitch.
Cardi B is a bitch.
by Byebabes May 9, 2020
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If you have 2 p’s you’re Cardi B
If you have 1 p you’re probably still Cardi B
Guy 1: I saw Cardi B in the bar last night and she started raping!
Guy 2: You mean rapping?
Guy 1: No.
Guy 2: Still a better experience than listening to her music.
by anonym0u$e December 11, 2022
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