When you cannot find a partner and end up wining and dining a piece of coal. You feel let down after the date never went as well as you had hoped due to one way conversation! Perhaps next time I will join in!
by TheCorrectKnowledge March 29, 2020
When you date a boomer eg: someone of the older generation
I asked your mom out , I'm basically carbon dating at this point.
by Boomer longlive namvets September 6, 2019
adj fr. AHD4 carbondating + -ed

Very out of date, popularized by Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
'Deal with that outfit for a moment.'
'It's dated?'
'It's carbon-dated.'
by 5by5 July 3, 2005
Dating between two people of dissimilar ages, generally an older man and a younger woman.
Did you see that old guy on her arm? I know she's desperate but I didn't think she'd sink to carbon dating.
by Sterling T December 26, 2006
When a really old man dates a really young woman.
Hugh Hefner's new girlfriend is 25--looks like they're carbon dating.
by ll00l0l January 20, 2011
Having a relationship with an elderly person. Dating outside of an age group.
Charlie: "I don't see Elroy around much these days."

Filbert: "Oh, no. He's off downtown with a group of geezers. He's into carbon dating now."
Charlie: "I just saw Elroy with this ancient looking bird. I think his new game is carbon dating."
by El Bicho April 10, 2010
Relates to a very unused (or sexually dry) pussy ... so unused that its true age is best determined using the carbon-dating process.
Man! Look at that school marm. You know she has a carbon-dated pussy. Her pussy is probably petrified. She hasn't had sex for who knows how long.
by Word ConnieSewers October 7, 2005