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Caravel Academy is a private small ass school located in the middle of bumble...aka Bear, DE. The typical boys located at this school are 4'11" with the maturity level of a 5 year old. The majority of the white boys wish they were black and try to be "thugged out" to imitate their black classmates, who in fact also think they are gangsta, but are really pussies as well because, who can really be gangsta at Caravel? The girls here thrive on drama and do not believe in "keeping their pants on". Every wigger at Caravel has hooked up with a girl-then her best friend-then her arch enemy. Every other "non wigger" loser at Caravel is still a virgin and relies on his right hand. 95% of the girls of Caravel are not virgins and most of these girls are pure idiots and don't realize they are really classified as sluts.
I had a weird craving to eat some fish for dinner last I went and found a girl from Caravel.
by kldl March 31, 2005
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