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A group of automobile owners or fanatics that come together to represent thier automotive accomplishments as a group. Ussually rivaling nieghboring factions of the club or different clubs all together. though discouraged by oficials violence does occasionally occur between rival clubs. CC for short.
Yo did you see Prezidential Car Club newest ride in lowrider mag. this month? yeah thier really choppin up rollin CC.
by Spo0n3y September 06, 2006
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1: A cover story for gay Latino and Asian men to congregate in the middle of no where and bend over in front of each other while presenting a machismo facade to any passers by.
Formerly known as: The Rest Stop Crowd.
2: A group of men who women hang around with so they can ride in overcompensationmobiles without running the risk of having to put out.
1 & 2
She hangs out at with the Car Club so she can ride around in fast cars and occasionally see a cholo give head to a ninja.
by Dry Rubber Chicken July 21, 2010
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