Probably one of the worst fucking scams in all of existance. Sure it's fine if you buy a brand new Dodge Challenger with a mother fucken hemi and some nigger tryin to hit his crack pipe smashes right into back of you while you're at a stop light. Then you get your car fixxed or replaced. But I'm talking about us poor ass college students who work fucking minimum wage and can't even afford to fucken eat because we have to pay out half of our fucking paycheck just to "ensure" we can cover that crack smokin nigger can get his rims replaced or some shit. If the minimum liabily rates werent so high it wouldn't be a fucking scam and since they rarely drop itas it is the thousands of dollars you shell out are never returned to you.... Those basterd will never give you a fuckking penny in your life.... I mean the agent at state farm gave me a fucking a can ...that's it. When I drink Coke I want in a fucking bottle you mother fuckering Insurance Agent basterd FUKK
Guy 1: So this strung out meth nigger hit my brand new Mustang and he didn't have car Insurance.
Guy 2: Maybe he can pay you with meth and you can sell it to children at elementary schools for extra cash to pay the damages.
Guy1: I guess that sounds feasible but I just wish car insurance wasn't such a huge moey racketing bullshit scam.
Guy2: You know what man, THat meth nigger don't buy car insurance, he buys meth and smokes in a meth pipe.
Guy1: Fucken eye Man!!! As soon as I pay this Mustang off, I'm getting rid of my bullshit car Insurance and buyin some sheesha!!!
by LuCKy_StRiKe_1200 September 26, 2013
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Paying tax for your car
I just crashed my car, oh well good job I paid my car insurance when I wasn't skint because I wouldn't be able to pay for the damages now
by Rotten Turkey November 11, 2022
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When you have sex in a driverless car on the highway. Hope you enjoyed it, It'll probably be the end.
We really tested out our car insurance last night, didn't we, sis?
by Condomant May 25, 2023
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someone who can't pay their own car insurance so they go on someone else's and will do anything to get car insurance because they can't pay for their own. Somebody who sleeps with somebody to get car insurance
Dustin is a car insurance whore he uses fat chicks to get free car insurance
by Zorrobitch April 13, 2020
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A phrase you should promptly say for comedic effect in any setting where someone is seeking feedback on something but there is a pregnant pause...
Presenter: So, does anyone have any thoughts on this planned organizational change?
...tic ...tic ...tic ...tic
"I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico"
laughter ensues, pressure is relieved, feedback session is over and everyone can get the hell out of there...
Or Icy stare from management, you are summarily fired a few weeks later for some drummed up offense...
by HalLloyd July 29, 2021
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