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A very gay and pdifile like young man on Bannister neighboorhood swim team in Waldorf Maryland. He walks around with a boner in his speedo and stares at other young women on the team with a boner.
also he "does too much karate" and is sometimes too tired from karate to practice

fuckin fag
man, you see Captain Gay today, he had another boner and touched Kimmy with it the perve
by Blake a.k.a Wolverine March 15, 2005
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an individual that continuously plays with his nuts and is notorious for stripping down naked in a room full of guys. pretends to drop the soap accidentally/frequently and can be commonly seen on the streets of Lake Forest searching for troggs especially those who like to get shafted in the poop shoot. claims to play varsity sport at Cal Poly Pomona
hey captain gay, stop jackin off in front of me.
by schuerta November 11, 2007
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Captain Gay is an awesome super hero that wears a rainbow flag as a cape, and has a mini transgender flag on (because he is transgender). He also wears rainbow suspenders and a rainbow word shirt, with grayish/ black skinny jeans, eyeliner, and black converse Chuck Taylor's. Don't forget about his sidekick captain Blurry face. And they are the most friendly super hero's ever. He can charm everyone, while she can blast good music.
Captain gay is here, so is Captain blurry face, time to rock out.
by Captain gay's favorite fan March 31, 2017
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