Better than UC Davis, UCSB, UCI, UCSC and UCR in engineering, better than any other school (with the exception of Cal Poly and Harvard in architecture. One out of every 5 licensed architects in CA graduated from this school as well as one out of every 14 engineers.

And it's crazy cheap too! (~$3000/yr. for tuition for in-state residents and $11000 total when tacked on with housing).

Plus, the new residential suites kick ass.
by The Architect January 5, 2005
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Cal Poly Pomona is one of the two Cal Poly's in the Cal State University System. Their main focus is a "hands-on" approach to education as opposed to a theoretical one you would receive at a University of California (UC) school. With proximity to Los Angeles and a great reputation with industry, internships and job opportunities are numerous for people who do well there.

Today, Cal Poly Pomona would be considered the Cal or UCLA of the 1950's, educating the true middle class and becoming an increasingly attractive option for upper-middle class students who are increasingly being pushed out of the UC system due to budget cuts and a failure to uphold California's Master Plan for Higher Education. Every year, Cal Poly Pomona's reputation increases and admission standards are rising for incoming freshmen.

While it doesn't have the reputation of a UC school or Cal Poly SLO, it is well on its way to becoming a household name in the future as the student body improves and becomes less of a commuter school. Overall, you cannot go wrong with the education you would receive at Cal Poly Pomona.
Guy 1: Should I go to UC Merced or Cal Poly Pomona?
Guy 2: Pomona, hands down.
Guy 1: UC Riverside, UC Santa Cruz, or Cal Poly Pomoma?
Guy 2: Pomona.
Guy 1: How about UC Davis, UC Irvine, or Cal Poly Pomona?
Guy 2: Now that's a tough one. I'd say they're about the same level for technical majors like engineering.
by UCBearkleyStudent May 26, 2012
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Not to be confused with the original Cal Poly (SLO), it was SLO's satellite campus up until 1966, when it became big enough and split off on its own. Most people are unaware that the Pomona campus exists separately.

It is well renowned for its excellent engineering programs (the College of Engineering was ranked 9th in the nation for 2004), ranks as the #2 CSU for engineering (after Cal Poly SLO), and ranks second in the nation (behind Cornell) for hotel and restaurant management. Like its SLO sister, it holds true to the "learn by doing" philosophy, by integrating practice into traditional theory education. However, unlike SLO, CPP does accept a hefty number of dumbasses, which pretty much has screwed their reputation.

But at the same time, unlike SLO, it is mainly a commuter school and the social environment is just plain bland.

It also boasts as one of the most ethnically diverse campuses in the nation (30% Asian, 28% White, 28% Hispanic, 5% Black), whereas SLO is mostly white.

A serious university for serious students. We only care to go to school for studying, not to go partying.
Cal Poly Pomona is definitely an underrated school, but the admissions staff seriously needs to increase their standards.

Person 1: Where do you go?
Person 2: Cal Poly.
Person 1: Oh, SLO?
Person 2: Umm... noooooes, the other one.
by The Engineer December 9, 2004
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also commonly referred to as "Cow Poly Pomona" is one kick-ass university. Not only does it boast real vegetation and real education, it is also quite fun for women to attend since the ratio is totally in their favor.
People everywhere wondered where a former lingerie model would have learned about quantum mechanics or higher level mathematics, but once they knew she'd gone to Cal Poly Pomona, it was no longer a mystery.
by MintyLeila July 7, 2005
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"you go to cal poly, so do I!"
"yeah but I go to the other cal poly"
"there's more than 1?"
"yeah cal poly pomona"
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