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1. A bubble
2. Clonesville
3. A place with cops who don't do anything all day but write tickets.
4.A place where you get yelled at for having your grass 2 inches instead of 1.9.
5. Asian invasion.
I'm lost! Everything looks the same in Irvine!
by cum drizzler April 13, 2008
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bizarro world! the concept of Big Brother turned into reality. someone's keeping an eye on you. if your grass is a cm too long, you receive a warning, then perhaps get evicted. No property in Irvine you own is truly yours. snoozefest. A great population of Starbucks lovin yuppies. home of Emo kids and "Punk" kids who'd freak out if they had to live in neighboring Santa Ana. No culture, no character. don't dare paint your house Pink, Beige is the official color of Irvine, no approval needed. the whole city is Beige, physically and spiritually. zzzz!!!
by desclassified May 07, 2006
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City of approximately 146,000 residents, and counting. Located in the center of Orange County. Close to almost everything. 30-minute drive or less to Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Disneyland, and San Juan Capistrano-San Clemente. 45 minutes from downtown L.A. in good traffic; approximately double that in bad. 90 minutes or less from San Diego.
America's most successful master-planned community. City is comprised of "villages," which are residential areas with common architectural themes, as well as commercial and industrial areas. Irvine Company, which still owns most of the land in the city, likes to say that villages were meant to be "jewels" and University of California, Irvine (UCI) the "pendant"; however, in "Where We Are Now: Notes from Los Angeles," essayist/L.A. Times commentator D.J. Waldie states that villages were also meant to dilute residents' political power and allow the Irvine Company to do as it pleased, "with the compliant oversight of County government." This attempt backfired in 1971, when residents revolted by incorporating the city and taking control of its future. Irvine development now much slower than 35 years ago, under "Master Plan."
Middle to upper-middle class. Excellent public schools, thanks in part to local charitable foundation. City school district receives lowest per-capita funding of any district in California, but donation offset allows schools to maintain extensive art, music, science, and athletics programs. Dedicated and involved parents and district staff ensures academic excellence. Educated population overall. UCI, biotech, and Fortune 500 corporations are major employers.
More liberal than one would believe, thanks to educated population. There is wealth in Irvine but overall mindset is very moderate, very suburban middle class. A diverse city with significant Asian, Middle Eastern, and Jewish populations. However, not many Latinos or Blacks. Irvine is quiet and sedate, because there really is no reason to visit unless you work here, enjoy biking, or are an urban planning major. Huge Great Park planned for northeast Irvine may change that. Getting around the city is pretty easy.
Living in Irvine, or the thought of it, can make some people uncomfortable. There is a sameness, the city is planned to the nth degree, and there is no element of weirdness except for the city itself. On the other hand, there are beautiful views of the Santa Ana mountains to the north and the coastal range to the south, a coastal climate without as much overcast, an excellent bike trail system, lush foliage, practically anything you could need or want either within or near city limits, and a refreshing absence of social problems.
Residents are above-average pleasant and polite, as a general rule. For example, people might drive BMWs but are less likely than residents of neighboring Newport Beach to speed them in and out of traffic on a coke rush while yelling into a cell phone.
Good Japanese, Korean, and Middle Eastern restaurants.
Irvine Spectrum is also called "Irvine Speculum" due to shape of the merged 5 and 405 freeways, which resembles the gynecological implement.
UCI said to also stand for "University of Chinese Invasion" due to high Asian student population.
"Irvine is so boring."
"In Irvine, you can't even order a pizza after 8 pm."
"Irvine? Where is that?"

by WhooooAreYouuuu April 25, 2006
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a horrible little turd town in orange county, but not in the way you might be thinking. it is safe. nightmarishly safe. to the point where it's like the san angeles scene in Stallone's movie, demolition man, only the cops are still able to kick your ass and they do so at the slightest provocation. bikers are not welcome anywhere in the public. cars don't want them on the street, and peds dont want them on the sidewalk. the schools are too competetive because of the invasion of asians. the only thing there is to do in the city is hiking on boring "wilderness" trails that are completely surrounded by suburban development, the spectrum (which is normally chock full of rich snobs, posers, and skater punks), and smoke weed. chances are, 1/4 of the people you run into in irvine deal the fine herb. speaking of weed, the biggest crime that you ever hear about in the city is some high school student getting caught with weed on him. never move here unless you want a dull, boring life in a city with asshole cops, stoners, INSANE property taxes and home prices, and laguna beach reject scum. if you stop in irvine on your way to san diego or LA, keep going. even the gas here is expensive.
arizona chick: where u from?

me: irvine

arizona chick: wheres that?

me: socal

arizona chick: dude! that's so cool! omg! do you live next to a celebrity?

me: no, i live next to koreans who i can hear beating and shouting at their kid daily for not getting all a's. irvine sucks dick.
by irvine sucks dick January 12, 2010
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