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Also known as The Mother City because it was the first colonized city in Southern Africa

The Best city in Africa, not sure about outside of Africa because I've never been.

The best place to party in South Africa.

Awesome culture amongst the locals, especially the coloured community(please do not get offended by the term 'coloured' because in South Africa it is actually a race and I for one am proud to be coloured)

Cape Town has the biggest mixed-race (coloured) community in the world... just don't go telling a coloured person they mixed-race cause then you giving them cause for beating you up, this however does not apply to all coloured people.

Cape Town is full of adventurous places to go and wonderful beaches and other beautiful scenery(this also includes the sexy Capetownians)

Cape Town is also famous for the wine route, because it is home to some of the biggest vineyards in the world, infact the Western Cape is home to the biggest vineyard in the world.

and last but not least Cape Town is home to some of the best people you could ever hope to party with, no joke!!!
Guy1 : If you wanna meet really beautiful women come to the J&B Met.

Guy2 : wheres that?

Guy1 : in Cape Town, dude its a hoe-asis and it only happens once a year.
by Cannybaby February 11, 2011

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