A word used to describe a person who probs has cancer or something, doesnt pay attention in school and is the natural enemy of o-somya bin-laden hates little shits named brandon is pissed that somebody else got left guide and cusses alot
Dont be a canteloupe Sean, yull get cancer
by Cancerloupe December 16, 2016
(cant-a-lope-ing) - when two girls touch bow adorned dicks while licking canteloupes and snorting grapefruit kool-aid powder while being penetrated by the kool-aid man all on top of a gay guy and his straight crush. Note: when two or more sets of girls are cantelouping, it is called a fruit salad.
Sally and Sue were seen cantelouping in the girls bathroom on friday while they were skipping gym class.
by Lena Mae January 19, 2008
Someone with a really large head, especially if there's a lack of hair
Hey, Mr. Canteloupe! Has your head exploded recently?
by yeargh January 27, 2016
Used to describe the cunt of a woman who's had sex so many times, the STDs have left green, blue, yellow, or orange splotches and/or stains around the clitoral region.
Holy penis! She's got a rainbow on her crotch! That's one hell of a canteloupe clit!
A negative verb saying that a quick, often spontaneous and secret wedding in place of a formal, often large and expensive wedding is not possible, or will not happen.
Kweif and Amy eloped in Vegas last weekend, but Joe and Gigi canteloupe.
by May 15, 2022