the lead singer george is a nice guy and gives good hugs
at their london gig
by kittie666 May 24, 2004
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Probably the most influential, well-known and best death metal band in the death scene today. For everyone who doesn't like them for being famous, you guys are posers. If you stop liking a band because they've extended their fan base, but still play fucking good music, you try too hard to be different.
If you truly want to be original, listen to drone metal. But it fucking sucks, much like you do.
by Deathfuckingmetal May 9, 2005
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A great death metal band. They are characterized by their brutal and gut-wrenching lyrics, so most people miss out on what really makes the band so great.
Some people say Cannibal Corpse has sold out because 12-year olds listen to it. Hey, if they can handle the music, who gives a shit?
by animatorStrike March 17, 2005
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Death metal band who have created a following largely based on their offensive lyrics and gross-out topics.

Compared to some other death metal, not that bad. Lyrics of interes include meathook sodomy and necropdeophile
your mouth is dirtier than cannibal corpse
by Gumba Gumba February 20, 2004
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One of the most brutal and successful death metal bands out there right now. They are widely known for their infamous grossed-out lyrics and extremely explicit album art- "extremely" can barely cover the nastyness of the artwork.
Their guitar chords have deceisively complexity and nice patterns here and there. Be glad that George Fisher's voice is usually incoherate, for the lyrics can paint some nasty imagery in your mind that can even make a full-blown maniac (like me ;P) shudder big time.
If Cannibal Corpse made videos off of their songs... then those videos will be the best ever made in history.
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A brutal over-the-top death metal band.
The gods of speed, for any instrument.
"Dragonforce can play so fast!"
"Not nearly as fast as cannibal corpse, you stupid bitch"
by CAnnibalcorpseq October 30, 2009
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Cannibal Corpse are in my opinion the best death metal band ever. The one problem is that they have gotten so popular that every retarded asshole, that has never herd of death metal or anything heavier than slipknot, thinks one of two things:
1. I like this band because i want to be different.
2. I am a gay chav and don't like metal so anything that is not 50 cent or any other gay rapper is goth music.

It is such a shame that death metal and it's fans are seen as 'goth' because it is quite offensive to be classified alongside those pussies.

Cannibal corpse have always been brutal and heavy and only got better when George Fisher joined so anyone that says that they got crap when Chris Barnes left can go to hell.
Me: I like Cannibal corpse because the music is really heavy and the vocals are amazeing.The lyrics are also entertaining 'songs' about mutilating people are funny and suit the music.

Stupid moron: Its just a load of shoutin i could do it if i wan'ed to.

me: No you could not, its not rap music, you can't just talk into a microphone and have some shitty keyboard tune in the background. It takes skill to play music at that speed and play every single note correctly and vocals like that you hear in most death metal bands near impossible. Another thing is that you could never write those kind of lyrics. Its not like your shitty mainstream music, Cannibal Corpse write the lyrics themself.

stupid moron: (drools and says nothing because his brain has overloaded with facts).
by Cannibal March 21, 2006
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