A substance which can be found in the heels of an amazing dancer, causing said dancer to get down, down, down, down upon hearing that boogey rhythm.
DANCE! nothin' left for me to do but DANCE! All these bad times I'm goin' through just DANCE! Got Canned Heat in my heels tonight baby
by OTC Original Tavern Crew May 10, 2005
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The experience before farting. The location of a fart before evacuating the anus. The passing of gas.
Careful! I just released some Canned Heat.
Wow, who just opened the Canned Heat in here.
I gotta hit the john and crack open this Canned Heat I got goin on.

by Busta Cherries August 7, 2008
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Blues-rock band that was vey popular during the late 1960s. The band was fronted by singer Bob "The Bear" Hite and singer/rhythm guitarist/harmonica player Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson. The other band members were lead guitarist Henry Vestine, bassist Larry Taylor, and drummer Fito De La Parra.
Alan, Bob, and Henry have since passed on, but Fito and Larry still tour as Canned Heat.
Sam: Who does that song "Going Up The Country"??
Wendy: It's Canned Heat dude!
by Jack Bond September 9, 2007
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Canned heat is a "alcoholic beverage" made from straining alcohol from Sterno. A liquid containing methanol (used to cook food with)

- Warning, drinking canned heat is extremely dangerous, it can easily kill you.
Wuz up dude?
..I'm on my way to a funeral, dog.
Fred drank some canned heat on friday and now he's on the wrong side of the grass.
by stratdude61 April 10, 2009
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a very hawt, physically-appealing, oversexed whore who is incarcerated
Have you seen Gina? Oh, that piece of canned heat won't be around for a few months.....
by *&^$#@%(*(&^*(&^ July 13, 2006
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