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A substance which can be found in the heels of an amazing dancer, causing said dancer to get down, down, down, down upon hearing that boogey rhythm.
DANCE! nothin' left for me to do but DANCE! All these bad times I'm goin' through just DANCE! Got Canned Heat in my heels tonight baby
by OTC Original Tavern Crew May 10, 2005
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Home of the Tavern. While most people from the South Shore are pussies (::cough:: scituate, cohasset, hingham, hanover ::cough::) The Tavern Crew will beat the shit out of you. More weed is smoked in this town than any other in Massachusetts, and we have the state school suspension record to prove it. Also the town in which Norwell High School can be found... what a shit hole.

::bong rip::
Scituate Guy: Kids from Norwell blaze so many blunts!
Hingham Guy: So what, my parents are rich.
Cohasset Guy: My dick is in the Hingham Kid's ass right now...
Hanover Kid: ... Can I be next?
by OTC Original Tavern Crew May 10, 2005
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A Major League Baseball team from the city of New York. If you took all of the money that the yankee players make in one year it could choke a whale, however derek jeter could comfortably deep throat the wad of cash, and alex rodriguez at the same time. Bitter Yankee "fans" (who only like the yankees when they win) constantly say things like "Big Deal the red sox won ONE world series in 86 years we've won 26!" which translates from their native language of retarded to the english: "Im so fucking bitter because my team sucks balls now, I wish I never moved to new york from kansas and pretended I was always a yankees fan" Naturally they are jelous that Red Sox fans have consistantly stood by their team their entire lives, and actually enjoy winning a world series because they yankees rings mean nothing due to the fact that george steinbrenner bought their championships.

Yankees Fan: The yankees have won 26 world series', the red sox have only won once since 1918 ::insert 20 more minutes of useless bragging that means nothing because the sox won THIS year::

Red Sox Fan: Dude, I wasn't even talking to you, shut your filthy yankee mouth.
by OTC Original Tavern Crew May 18, 2005
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