A fowl and disgusting, heart shaped candy that became popular for their variety in quotes printed on them, but not by their taste as it's key ingrediants consist of bone meal and earwick honey.
Guy#1: Hey, what did you get your girlfriend for Valentine's Day?

Guy#1: I got her some candy hearts with some custom quotes on them made by me. She smiled at first, but we spent the rest of the day pumping her stomach after she ate one.
by SquirrelFoam February 7, 2010
A song on the popular game Dance Dance Revolution, known for being overplayed by people who are just beginning standard level (as it is moderately challenging at first but easy to master.) Spelled "Candy (picture of heart)".
The n00bs decided to play "Candy heart" for all three songs in their set.
by Bike Mike August 2, 2006
another name for that lovely place between a females legs thats always warm and ready
my candy heart is waiting for your tasting
by liberty November 20, 2004
A type of candy that is given out at Valentine's day and taste like drywall
Wow this Heart Candy taste like Tums
by Mr. Suicidal February 27, 2020