Candlejack is a villain from the TV show Freakazo
If you say Candlejack's name, you get kidn
by miji March 19, 2007
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The boogieman from the old show Freakazoid. He kidnaps and ties up anyone who says his name. He was eventually captured and lured into a cage by Freakazoid with a pumpkin pie.
Kid 1: "Don't say it!"
Kid 2: "Say what?"
Kid 1: "Candlejack!"
Kid 2: "Candlejack?"

Candlejack: I'm gonna need more rope
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A retarded forced meme. I mean, who seriously thinks this is fu
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Candlejack is some kind of retarded meme spouted by the idiot masses that are 4chan. It comes from this ancient TV show, Freakazoid, that should really just be forgotte
I think "Andlejack-cay" should be safe, right? I mean, it's not like Candlejack understands Pig Lati
by Mr. Baggy Trousers October 3, 2008
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When you shove a candle up your ass,and then jerkoff.
"Omg Bobby wtf are you doing?"
Candlejacking wanna join?
by gretone March 9, 2016
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CandleJack is a character from the TV show "Freakazoid". Supposedly, once you say his name, he kidnaps you. This has led to many jokes on the internet.
CandleJack is freaking aw-
by SoulEatingFreak August 31, 2006
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