When someone can't into something, they are either very inexperienced and need help, or they are obviously not very good at it regardless.
"Can someone help me? I can't into photoshop."

Anon 1: "Hey guise, check out me doing a guitar solo :3"
Anon 2: "You cannot into strumming or timing. Stop guitaring."
by IcantintoUrbanDictionary January 10, 2012
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No longer being able to can.
"I can't! I am unable to can! I have lost the ability to can!"
by jste October 19, 2011
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pg way of saying "can't fuck with this". Used by kids in school or around authority figures.
I used to love rap music, but I can't with this stuff on the radio now. I just can't.
by Gina89 October 31, 2010
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1) the act of not being able to complete a given task.

2) the act of not being allowed to do something.
"I can't get it up."
"You can't do eeeeeeeeet!"

"You can't have sexual relations with the Olsen twins in this state. They're only 17."

"Here, smoke these drugs. NOW!"
"I can't. You're a cop, and we all know it!"
by Nick D May 28, 2003
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the indoctrinated sense of inability due to the man keeping one down through the use of the establishment
"We can't have a peaceful, loving society, we have to fear the terrorists"
by Chris153 July 28, 2008
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It is the cancer of happen. This was originated by Charlie Sheen in his famous "winning" interview. Nike's slogan is not "Just try it" but "Just do it."
Jim: "If you say that you Can't do it Rupert, then you have cancer."
Rupert: "I just Can't do it Jim. I just Can't."
Jim: "Rupert, Nike's Slogan is not "Just try it" it is "Just Do It," so just pick yourself up and go out and face your fears and concur them."
Rupert: "Thanks Jim!"
by Smitty134 April 07, 2011
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