Camrynn is a beautiful light skin with brown eyes . She is the
Camrynn is loyal !!
by S_kyy April 14, 2019
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Short, blue eyes and brown hair, kind of a bitch. A total bitch if u lie to her, she hates being lied to and is popular, if your friends with her she's usually nice and hates drama
Man that Camrynn she's kind of a bitch
by Shaggy669 April 5, 2017
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Camrynn is an unusually tall woman with a heart of gold, brown eyes, the color of Tennessee whiskey, fertile soil, or the richest hot cocoa from the heart of England. She tends to talk more than she probably should, however, this leads her to a lot of friendships. If you meet a Camrynn, you should befriend her, she's pretty awesome.
Dang, I want to be friends with that tall chick Camrynn over there. She looks like a hoot.
by flower flocks December 15, 2021
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Camrynn is a lightskin girl who got brown eyes. She will forever be the baddest bitch you ever met. Get yourself a Camrynn. Camrynn will forever be the girl you would wanna spend life with.
Damn Camrynn is sure the baddest bitch alive
by aaliyahqueen August 11, 2019
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Camrynn is the smartest boy in the whole world. He excels in all of studies. All the ladies fall in love with him, because he is so charming and compliments them every day. He is very popular with everyone he meets, because they see him as a prince. Loveable, caring, handsome, charming, funny and the life of every party.
Is that Prince Camrynn over there, I'm in love.
by ~ AN ANGEL ~ August 23, 2011
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The fucking greatest person you'll ever meet
person 1: have you seen Camrynn?

person 2: yeah! they're the greatest person i've ever met!!
by 2 dino nuggets December 14, 2021
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Camrynne is a thoughtful person who is usually taken by someone and love to boss people around!Camrynnes have lots of attitude and are sassy! Camrynnes usually have a big family
by 😂😂!! January 22, 2017
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