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Boy: You think he's a bit of a jerk, but not once you get to know him. Maybe. Or maybe it's just worse. It depends. But trust me, you WANT to know him!
Girl: A totally kick ass chick that's a bit of a tomboy. Not many mortal words can describe her. Not like I'm lazy or anything. Best nickname: CamCam. Definitely not because I invented it.
Camrie's are gorgeous and you want to be their friend. Trust me. They are all around amazing. Jealous yet?
Damnit I wish I was more of a Camrie! No, not a Camry! NOT A CAR! Even better than a car.
by Tsuki the Tsunami January 26, 2011
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She can be anyone’s best friend and of course the gorgeous one of the group❀️ - your best friend veronica
by -vk February 19, 2018
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