A champion at camping. Thrives during the summer months.
You wrestled a bear while backpacking in Yosemite?? You're a fucking CAMPION, dude.
by Deagenator July 11, 2008
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One that is used by other, has a decent sized house with much liquor that is stolen by her supposed friends. Likes to go to dances but doesn't get any action, too stuck up for most.
Guess what.
I got some Grey Goose for Campion's.
by Koob March 27, 2005
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To the ulitmate loser. Someone who is not admired. Similiar to Wuss.

The opposite to Champion. Without the "H" which represents the "Hero" status.
"You couldn't save the poodle from the fire? You Campion!"
by Bt Wong December 14, 2004
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a nhc member of the cha cha cakejuice type in which cotch is not a limited trademark.
this campion is sum major cha - cha
by benjamin joseph thomas February 14, 2009
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One who is of causcasin decent, and acts black. Often times shrugs his shoulders off.
Yo that fool is totally whack, he is a campione.
by K po November 3, 2004
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To fondle a girl in a high school bathroom, usally without her concent...more often than not leads to imprisonment, originated at Amherst High in Buffalo, NY.
Yo, did you here that Scott campioned that chick today? Yeaah man, hes goin to jail.
by John October 27, 2004
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