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A funny, caring, God-loving tomboy. Cameran's are usually beautiful inside and out, and will dive head first into danger for the ones she loves, friends or family. Count on Cameran to cheer you on. (Even if she doesn't know you!)
Girl #1: wow. Look at her! She screams courageous."
Guy #1: "I've liked her or ages!"
Guy #2: she must be a Cameran.
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by GrungeGirlBata-swing November 08, 2016
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A girl that wears alot of make up and enjoys eating buckets of peanut butter also the word cameran comes from the word camera.
Cameran lives in a shack with a bucket of peanut butter under her bed
by choco cat April 22, 2011
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Cameran is a dude, not a girl. Because that would be weird.
So you’re telling me that people think I’m a girl, you lonely bums. -Cameran
by Imbasic May 22, 2018
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