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A funny, caring, God-loving tomboy. Cameran's are usually beautiful inside and out, and will dive head first into danger for the ones she loves, friends or family. Count on Cameran to cheer you on. (Even if she doesn't know you!)
Girl #1: wow. Look at her! She screams courageous."
Guy #1: "I've liked her or ages!"
Guy #2: she must be a Cameran.
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by GrungeGirlBata-swing November 08, 2016
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Cameran is a dude, not a girl. Because that would be weird.
So you’re telling me that people think I’m a girl, you lonely bums. -Cameran
by Imbasic May 22, 2018
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Cameran, camerans are lots of things this bitch loves the 90s she’s usually really pretty but doesn’t know it, she’s super bubbly, and seems popular, but she feels as if no one loves her or could love her ever, when in reality there is someone for her. She spends her time listening to music and watching classic 80s movies and crying. She hates when people are sad and will do anything to cheer them up but when she is upset no one ever seems to care. She likes being called Cam because it makes her think people aren’t mad at her, she’s one of the most self conscious people because she’s been beaten down. She’s super nice and funny when you get to know her but at first she can seem intimidating, even with all of this she is an extrovert, but has a hindered secrets, she wants love and to be loved but she fears she will never find it. Cameran feels as if she’s being annoying or the person hates her even if they don’t. She can’t wait for college and to get out of her small town, all she wants to do is party.
Cameran is gorgeous

Cameran is pretty cool

Why is Cameran sad
by Ladies husband October 03, 2018
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A girl that wears alot of make up and enjoys eating buckets of peanut butter also the word cameran comes from the word camera.
Cameran lives in a shack with a bucket of peanut butter under her bed
by choco cat April 22, 2011
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