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A NFL QB that has to sneeze every time he scores
cam newton must have some alergies when he scores
by Maxanator August 30, 2016
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The starting Auburn QB who has been under scrutiny all year long. The most storied NCAAF player this year. He also took 200,000+ dollars from multiple colleges and has been arrested 6 times. Still a damn good player
Cam Newton just took the money and ran for the touchdown!
by Thaddeus Pimpin December 31, 2010
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Selling full boat and RAP on a ticket.
I heard Kyle, you know that guy that wears his hair like Justin Bieber, sells really good but can't fuck with a Cam Newton
by Bobo Manjam January 20, 2011
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A person who is not particularly intelligent or good looking but has an extraordinary ability. Generally speaking they wouldn't usually excel in life but are seven feet tall and can throw a ball. In rare cases they have a touch of tard and play for the Carolina Panthers.
bro 1: "Dude that's just wrong."
bro 2: "What you mean."
bro 1: "That man's obviously mentally challenged and they force him to throw a ball around and cover it up by telling him he's superman and give him all the yogurt he can eat."
bro 2: "Yeah man saw his game the other night every time he scores his little heart gets so excited he has a mini stroke."
bro 1: "Heard they tell him it's just a dance move and now his whole team mocks him."
bro 2: "It's indeed sad bro the kids used to cry when they saw his separated eyes and shrek ears but dammit they love those footballs."
bro 1: "Yep that's a Cam Newton for sure"
by Buckda95 October 14, 2016
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